Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diabetes Cookbook or Night Light

Diabetes Cookbook

Author: American Diabetes Association

Delicious food for people with diabetes.

Because diabetes affects an estimated 16 million people in the US, half of whom are undiagnosed, there has never been a greater need for authoritative information on the condition. Comprehensive and practical, the Diabetes Cookbook helps people with diabetes take control of their condition and live life to the full.

Understanding Diabetes: The American Diabetes Association — the nation's leading health organization supporting diabetes research — joins Dorling Kindersley in publishing the Diabetes Cookbook. Describing the two main types of diabetes and explaining the treatment and management of the condition, the book shows how to plan menus to achieve a well—balanced diet and stable blood—glucose levels, and gives advice on interpreting nutritional guidelines and adapting standard recipes.

Stylish Food: From Thai Shrimp and Vegetable Curry to Coriander—crusted Lamb Steaks to Fruit and Amoretti Trifle, over 100 beautifully illustrated recipes demonstrate that a diet for those with diabetes need be anything but dull. Each carefully devised recipe is accompanied by a full nutritional analysis. There are also tips on individual foods, alternative ingredients, and serving ideas.

Menus To Suit Everyone: The Diabetes Cookbook shows how easy it is to plan menus that are appropriate to people with diabetes and that also appeal to family and friends. There are recipes for all occasions, including buffet lunches, children's snacks, vegetarian suppers, and three—course dinner parties.

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Night Light

Author: Amy E Dean

Remember how comforting it felt, as a child, to fall asleep with a night-light glowing in the dark? Our Night Light is a collection of meditations that helps us remember how our Higher Power is like a comforting, ever-present light in our lives. These nightly readings can help us learn to trust the spiritual light within us for strength, comfort, and guidance.

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